My Guest Post Contribution to What About The Twinkie’s Blog

Throughout the end of October, What About The Twinkie’s Blog ran a Scarefest blogathon in preparation for Halloween. This consisted of bloggers everywhere contributing reviews of horror films to the person behind the blog. When all the reviews were submitted, they were posted daily on the blog. I was fortunate enough to be asked to contribute to this blogathon (which was my first, although I am also contributing to a Fairytale blogathon in a couple of weeks). I contributed to the two following articles:

Hansel and Gretel


About Enchanted By Film

1st class Film uni graduate who has a love for films old and new. I write for Diegesis and Film Matters film journals. Currently saving to do a Masters and PhD in Film. My ambition is to be a University lecturer on film and write about film academically. I also wouldn't mind working for the BFI or writing for Sight and Sound :-)
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