TCM’s 31 Days of Oscars


Easily the most anticipated film event of the year, the 86th annual Academy Awards will be held on 2nd March 2014 7e/4p on ABC, and broadcast live in 225 countries and territories worldwide. In preparation for this epic event, the American TCM channel will be holding a 31 Days of Oscars event marathon starting 1st February featuring Oscar films from years gone by all day, everyday. From the likes of Gone with the Wind (1939) to North by Northwest (1959), through to contemporary Oscar nominees including Tess (1980) through to Philadelphia (1993), TCM will be the place for any cinephile to be to enjoy some of the best films ever made.

Unfortunately the UK TCM channel (which is what I tend to view) is not hosting any similar event, Gone with the Windbut that does not stop UK or international film fans getting involved!! One of the most important aspects of film-viewing in the 21st century is the sense of community created through social media. It allows anyone to connect with other movie lovers all over the world to share in laughing and crying over memorable moments of much loved films. By joining a fanmade community which is termed as the ‘TCM Party’, film fans, primarily in America, but joined by cinephiles all over the world, all watch films broadcasted on American TCM at the same time (whether by TV/dvd etc), and live tweet about it followed by the hashtag #TCMParty. You can read more about what the TCM Party is HERE. I have joined in a few now, and through it, have stumbled across some truly wonderful people that have such a passion for classical cinema, and such an indepth knowledge of its stars and directors. I feel personally that you get more out of the film sometimes by joining in a TCM party, as film becomes what it should be – an experience rather than a platform for passive viewing.


So, the 31 Days of Oscars is nearly here, and what better way to prepare for and get excited about this year’s Academy Awards than watching numerous nominees from previous ceremonies? I’ll certainly be watching many of these films and tweeting about it!! Share in the communal anticipation for the awards and get involed with the #TCMParty!!

If you want to join in some TCM Parties for the Oscar screenings, be sure to follow me on my film-based Twitter HERE. I love connecting with other movie lovers, so if you’re a film-based twitter, or you let me know you’re joining in TCM parties, I’ll be sure to follow back.

Find out more about 31 Days of Oscars HERE.

Look up the TCM schedule HERE.

A few of my favourite TCM Party folk:
Aurora – website, twitter


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