July 2013 In Films

  1. Thumbelina (Lotte Reiniger, 1953/1954)
  2. Caliph Stork (Lotte Reiniger, 1953/1954)
  3. Rise of the Guardians (Peter Ramsey, 2012)
  4. The Tigger Movie (Jun Falkenstein, 2000)
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (David Bowers, 2012)
  6. Oz: The Great and Powerful (Sam Raimi, 2013)
  7. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (Bill Condon, 2012)
  8. Carousel (Henry King, 1956)
  9. The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists! (Peter Lord, Jeff Newitt, 2012)
  10. Brother Bear (Aaron Blaise, 2003)
  11. Father’s Day (Ivan Reitman, 1997)
  12. The Dark Crystal (Jim Henson and Frank Oz, 1982)
  13. Liar Liar (Tom Shadyac, 1997)
  14. Robot And Frank (Jake Schreier, 2012)
  15. The World’s End (Edgar Wright, 2013)
  16. Miss Potter (Chris Noonan, 2006)
  17. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (Patrick Gilmore and Tim Johnson, 2003)
  18. See Girl Run (Nate Meyer, 2012)
  19. California Solo (Marshall Lewy, 2012)

Films of each decade:

1890s: 0

1900s: 0

1910s: 0

1920s: 0

1930s: 0

1940s: 0

1950s: 3

1960s: 0

1970s: 0

1980s: 1

1990s: 2

2000s: 4

2010s: 9

Read my summary of my July in films and my pick of the top 5.


About Enchanted By Film

1st class Film uni graduate who has a love for films old and new. I write for Diegesis and Film Matters film journals. Currently saving to do a Masters and PhD in Film. My ambition is to be a University lecturer on film and write about film academically. I also wouldn't mind working for the BFI or writing for Sight and Sound :-)
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7 Responses to July 2013 In Films

  1. Spotting a lot of kids films that I recently watched on your list. Do you also have a five year-old at home?

    • I actually don’t haha. I just happen to watch a lot of kid’s films 😛 I think they make for easy watching, and are interesting in their play on traditional stories if they are fairy tale of childrens’ story adaptations. Some of them to be honest are just fantastic films, and I think it’s interesting how many of them have recently developed so as to also appeal to adults in subtle ways.

      • thank goodness as I have been watching a lot of them. A few of those on your list were at the summer kids series at our local theater. Can’t beat bringing your kid to the movies for $1. 🙂

      • Absolutely!! I think it’s great how they show kids films at cinemas for £1 on a Saturday morning or whatever (or I guess $1 where you are which is very, very cheap!!), some of the films they show are fantastic!!! We had The Princess Bride showing here the other day for kids. Annoying thing is though – you had to be 14 or under, and have someone with you who was 14 or under to see it. I’m a huge fan of that film, as many other adults are who grew up with it, but because I don’t have any younger siblings except one who is 20, I couldn’t see it :-/ I own way more kids films than I should though 😛 but… it means if I ever have a child in 10 years or something, I have plenty of fantastic films to introduce them to!! 😛

      • that is good as the only kids film we owned when jr. was born was Finding Nemo and I almost lost my mind prior to buying more kids films 🙂

      • I’ve never liked Finding Nemo, despite it being so popular with children and adults alike. I’m not a big Pixar fan though, (I bought Ratatouille today though!! :P). Kids films are brilliant (for the most part; some are truly terrible!). Some of them are so clever in terms of their scripts or character development, and no matter what age you are, it’s hard not to enjoy a film from Disney or even the children’s Christmas films that come out each year (Arthur Christmas, and this year’s will be Frozen I believe).

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