Alien Nation – Doctor Who: Pure Spectacle or Moralistic Fable?

Doctor Who Logo

Doctor Who has been running for many years, with the 50 year special anniversary episode airing this year. If you have seen the pre-Christopher Eccleston and the more recent series, then you may have an idea just how much the technological capabilities of the show have developed over the years. Doctor Who is, on first-glance, primarily spectacle, boasting stunning CGI scenery, monster creations and costumes.

doctor-who-cold-warHowever, is there more to the show than that?

Doctor Who, under some analysis, appears to deal with several difficult issues – for instance racism, slavery, grief, loss and death. The show perhaps acts very much as a fable, something we watch to learn about our world, very similar to the purpose of fairy tales.

In my latest published article in the Diegesis magazine (issue 6 Cut To [SPACE], I examine Doctor Who in depth, questioning whether its appeal lie in its ability as spectacle, or whether audiences watch it for its deeper symbolic meaning.

You can read my article here on pages 4 – 7 of Issue 6 Cut To [SPACE].

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