‘I’m So Excited’ about Almodóvar’s upcoming movie!


Pedro Almodóvar is the king of Spanish cinema, carrying brilliant hits such as Volver (2006), All About My Mother (1999), Talk To Her (2002), and The Skin I Live In (2010) under his belt. This year however, sees the release of his upcoming new movie I’m So Excited (2013), exploring the tale of a plane’s crew and passengers as they face a life-threatening situation.

In typical Almodóvar fashion, the characters are outrageously flamboyant, and the colour palette soaks the films in boldly rich reds and blues, reminiscent of Talk To Her or All About My Mother. Over the past few films, Almodóvar appears to have taken a new direction in the types of characters he explores but he nevertheless maintains his focus on issues of gender identity, strong, female characters and an intelligent interweaving of melodrama and European high art cinema.

For those who have not yet been enlightened by the films of Almodóvar, they’re a little strange and are perhaps an acquired taste. The films previously mentioned however are highly recommended for those looking to sample a film from the Spanish auteur. Other memorable films under his direction include Flower of My Secret (1995), Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990), and Broken Embraces (2009), all fantastic and starring some of Almodóvar’s favourite actors choices, including Cecilia Roth, Penélope Cruz, Marisa Paredes and Carmen Maura. I’m So Excited looks set to be another intriguing exploration of human melodrama, and sure to be a masterpiece of 2013.

I’m So Excited will be released 3rd May 2013 and you can watch the trailer here.


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