Movie Quote of the Day – Oliver and Company (George Scribner, 1988)


Georgette: I, um, hope you won’t think me rude, but do you happen to know out of whose bowl you’re eating?

Oliver: Yours?

Georgette: [sarcastically] Ooh! Aren’t you a clever kitty?

Georgette: And do you have any idea whose home this is?

Oliver: I… thought it was Jenny’s.

Georgette: Well, it may be Jenny’s house, but everything from the doorknobs down is mine!


About Enchanted By Film

1st class Film uni graduate who has a love for films old and new. I write for Diegesis and Film Matters film journals. Currently saving to do a Masters and PhD in Film. My ambition is to be a University lecturer on film and write about film academically. I also wouldn't mind working for the BFI or writing for Sight and Sound :-)
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