Steven Spielberg will produce Jurassic Park 4 – in 3D to open 13th June 2014

jurassic park 4The first three Jurassic Park movies were fabulous. Absolutely no doubt about that. Steven Spielberg will be returning to produce this movie, and there is speculation circling the movie as to whether he will direct.

Personally, being a massive Spielberg fan, I’d love to see him direct the next Jurassic Park movie.

13th June isn’t far away however, and the latest draft of the script has just been submitted, leaving the filmmakers less than 18 months to go through pre-prod, the filmmaking process, and then the editing and distribution, etc.

Not long.

But many of us grew up with the original Jurassic Park trilogy, and as brilliant as it would be to reignite the nostalgia associated with memories of sitting infront of the tv as a kid with your Pez, I’m a little worried as to how a 4th film would turn out.

However, the movie execs seem to be happy with the script, and it appears to have a great deal of support. I think with Spielberg on

Jurassic Park III

board, it could be a great movie, especially if he ends up with the directing job.

It’s early days at the moment, so only time will tell, but I’m betting that this could potentially be a really great movie to introduce the saga to a new generation.


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